This is just a small sampling of some conventional and non-Conventional websites we've created.
Graphics Portfolio Portfolio
Flash/Shockwave Example Flash presentation (this was developed because the company had a cdrom presentation and they wanted a flash/web version that mirrored their cdrom as much as possible).
Applied EM Technology Site
EMS-Plus Site
BioClean Quick mini-site
Bruce Archambeault, EMI/EMC Seminars Site
Glenwood Regional Medical Center Demo Site - Variation on Demo Site (this example is just the initial page, only the employment link is active)
Gloria Brame, Author

Links Catalogue (yes I know the colors are almost the same as my chaosproject site. She saw my scheme and loved it, so I modified it a bit for hers, but it's largely based on my current scheme.)
*In the process of redoing the entire site.

Absolute Mush Homepage
Comic store that closed its doors, both online and off back in 1998 Heroes and Villians
Sites I have worked on in part recently: CarrierPoint
  Monroe Chamber of Commerce

* The screen captures above are meant to provide a general feel of the designs in question. All of the screen capture examples display only partial pages, more page information and formatting may be present but not visible in limited screen captures.

For full navigational support demonstrations of the sites shown as screen captures only, please contact us and we will provide navigational examples. All graphics in the above screen captures are not displayed with true color as they degrade exponentially during the screen capture process. For full color examples of any of the graphics displayed, please contact us.