We have a large selection of collectible figures and statues, we've selected some of the more sought after pieces to put out here. They will change from time to time as we aquire new items and sell older ones. Please email us your 'wish-list' at wishlist@comicsforyou.com and we'll check through our store and let you know what we have.
Dawn Statue (front) Dawn Statue (back) Areala (Warrior Nun) Figures Babylon5 12 inch Figures
Cheetah Figures Sinthia Figures Lobo Statue Superman Statue
Nira Figures Venom Figures Spawn Figures Malebolgia
Chiodo Figures Wolverine Bronze Statue and Ornament Prince Leia Figures Storm bust, Wolverine pewter figure
Wolverine & Sabertooth Statue Venom & spiderman Daredevil, Deadpool Iceman & Rhino Figures
Ghostrider & Carnage Statue Spiderman 2099 Statue Sisters of Darkness & Cynder Figures Widow, Lady Death & Lady Deamon Figures
Witchblade Figure Emerald Medieval Witchblade Figure Scarlet Medieval Witchblade Figure Nottingham Figure
Evil Ernie Ornament Lady Death Ornament Misc. Figures
(Mostly Marvel)
Pewter Figurines
Various Batman Figures

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