If you're looking for the Wizard limited 1/2's, ashcans, adult titles, back issues and main stream titles, give us a call. We are currently working on getting together an online shopping cart with a listing of all our in stock titles but for now, please email us your 'wish-list' at wishlist@comicsforyou.com and we'll check through our stacks and let you know what we have.
We have some covers of miscellaneous issues scanned in to give you a general (but by no means complete) idea of what we carry.
*Adult Title
Cover by Dorian,
written by Jerry Kennedy
Ash 1/2
From Wizard #70
AstroCity 1/2
From Wizard #62
Avengelyne 1/2
From Wizard #58
Boba Fett 1/2
From Wizard #78
Bondage Fairies
*Adult Title
Written and Illustrated
by Kondom
DarkChyld 1/2
From Wizard #72
Dawn 1/2
From Wizard #59
Evil Ernie 1/2
From Wizard #74
Glow in the dark cover
Fire From Heaven 1/2
From Wizard #57
Generation X 1/2
From Wizard #81
Kabuki Reflections
Written and Illustrated
by David Mack
Mars Attacks 1/2
From Wizard #66
More Than Mortal Nightwing 1/2
From Wizard #77
Sailor Moon #1 Shi 1/2
From Wizard #63
Silver Surfer and Witchblade
Devil's Reign 1/2

From Wizard #65
Vamperotica Tales #4
*Adult title
Cover Art by Nager Subashi,
Kano, Eman, R. Torre &
Mickey Clausen
Wolverine 1/2
From Wizard #75
Written by Ben Raab
Silver Surfer 1/2
From Wizard #79

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