Small site 1-5 pages, design, graphic manipulation as needed for photos & logo
-Copy and images provided by customer - $300

-Copy worked out with Draconis or images provided by Draconis - negotiable depending on volume of data or images required.

If more than 5 pages is required due to copy, $25 per additional page
If you decide on an extensive image gallery (more than a few pictures) highlighting your completed jobs, that can also be done and we can discuss costs.

Photography and scanning services are available.

Suggested webhosting service costs $150 a year with a $25 setup fee. The $25 is a one time fee. This includes pop email addresses, email aliases, smtp server, webhosting, dns services and registration of domain name.


Maintenance fees (should they be necessary)
for small businesses after the initial build:

25$/hr simple page creation/maintenance (minimum 1 hr)
25$/hr graphics and logo creation (minimum 1 hr) (can be combined with the simple page creation/maintenance)
50$/hr javascript/cgi/perl/basic programming (minimum 1 hr)
75$/hr flash creation (minimum 1 hr)
For anything not specified, rates on a per case basis.


Payment Information

Checks, money orders and cash are acceptable. Credit cards can be accepted only via and will include a 2.9% charge.

Half the agreed upon rate of is expected in advance, as well as any hosting fees.
The rest is due upon completion, along with any additional services/fees that were discussed and agreed upon during the course of creation.

Future hosting fees can be charged directly to your credit card via by the hosting company, or alternate arrangements can be made as well. Details will be given for setting that part up.